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30% of Typical Monthly Total Sales Achieved Within 3 Hours

A small local business promoted their open house event and holiday gift card special offer for two weeks under a $300 Facebook campaign budget with our Monthly Ad Management Subscription Service.  At the event, the business made a total of $160K in sales on their gift certificates within a 3 hours period. It is equal to 30% of the total sales they usually make monthly.

Budget Spent


over two weeks


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in three hours during the event

Total Number of People Reached


450% Increase in Website Traffic Within A Month

Medical cosmetic brand’s website traffic increased by 450% within a month after we conducted Facebook campaigns for them.

And their appointment booking rate boosted by five times more than the typical month without promotion. 

Budget Spent


Number of Initial Inquiries

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Total Number of Website Visitor


Increase in 100+ Community Members within 2 Weeks

Non-profit organization's local branding campaign started as ZERO social media presence and grew up to 100+ members online community within two weeks after the branding advertisement was initiated by the Next Level Bizz branding specialist team.

Budget Spent


Total Number of link clicks

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Total Number of People Reached


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